Spills photo identifier

Spills Program

Spills Preparedness

Oil spill preparedness involves a continuous cycle of activities, capturing lessons learned and then incorporating them back into plans, policies and procedures. The cycle is necessary to promote coordination among a combination of federal, state, local, tribal, private sector, and non-governmental entities all using the Incident Command Systems.

Two people working together at a table

Contingency planning guidance for railroads, vessels and facilities

Contingency Plan binder and contents

Response requirements for facilities, pipelines, and commercial vessels

Photo of response equipment and drill in progress sign

Testing and improving preparedness plans, equipment, and procedures

Primary response contractors

Private companies/cooperatives partnering with plan holders as response support

Photo of computer screens by Fred Lejune of Polar Tankers

Research and development of response technology

Geographic Response Plans

Geographically-specific response plans for oil spills to water