Welcome to our website

We are proud to showcase our website that we launched in early 2018. From the home page to the last page, the entire site was rewritten and redesigned based on customer research and usability data.

  • We changed to a new, more intuitive web address – ecology.wa.gov.
  • Our website is mobile friendly for the first time.
  • It’s designed to meet the highest standards of accessibility for users of all abilities.
  • Content is streamlined so information is easier to find.

What’s new?

Our web address

Because our  web address has changed, it means that all of our links have changed. So, if you’ve bookmarked pages, you’ll need to update those.

Completely redesigned

Since launching our first website in 1994, there have been some refinements – but nothing like this total rebuild. After 23 years of content accumulation and less-than-ideal user-testing results, we started over. Over the course of three years, we worked closely with web design and usability experts to create a more user-friendly site. Click through the tabs below to browse some of our site improvements.

"I want to..."

Finding what you're looking for is easy with the "I want to..." links found on most pages. During our user testing, this became one of our most popular features. We hope you find it helpful, too. The "I want to..." box is designed to give users:  

  • Quick, easy access to top tasks.
  • Links to related pages and tasks.
  • A simple way to find important information, popular topics, and current issues.

Accessibility Mobile & secure Public Input & Events

It’s a work in progress

We’ve worked really hard to launch a site that is ready to fire on all cylinders. That said, it is new, and we anticipate some growing pains. While we launched with what we thought was the highest priority content, we continue to build new content on the site every day. If you have suggestions, or come across any challenges or issues, please reach out to us through our online comment form. We’re ready to fix problems quickly.

Our Wayback Machine

For a fun trip down memory lane, check out how our website has changed through the years. Every picture tells a story.