Results Washington

Results Washington is Governor Inslee's innovative and data-driven approach to governing. The Governor's strategic framework has five goals:

  1. World-class education
  2. Prosperous economy
  3. Sustainable energy and clean environment
  4. Healthy and safe communities
  5. Efficient, effective, and accountable government

Each of the Governor's strategic goals is assigned to a goal council made up of state agency executive leaders who collaborate on ways to meet the goals.

As an agency, we directly oversee the state's progress toward Goal 3: Sustainable Energy and a Clean Environment. Our work is also integral to Goal 5: Efficient, Effective, and Accountable Government. Our Director, Maia Bellon is the executive leader for Goal 3.

Each goal for Results Washington is divided into specific topics with accompanying outcome measures and leading indicators that show how well we are meeting these state goals. Goal 3 includes the following topics:

Goal councils meet on a regular basis and each month one of the councils reviews with Governor Inslee their current progress and ongoing efforts toward Results Washington goals. You can watch these reviews live on TVW.