Watershed protection & restoration grant awards

From 2011 through 2016, we provided grants and direct awards through the National Estuary Program Watershed Protection and Restoration grant program. Funds were awarded across several themes:
  • Improving land use.
  • Improving stormwater management.
  • Strategies for riparian and floodplain protection and restoration.
Click on the tabs below to find descriptions of awarded projects in each category.

Improving land use

Riparian protection in agricultural landscapes Watershed-based land use planning Transfer of development rights programs Critical areas ordinance updates Protecting farmland and improving agricultural riparian management practices

Improving stormwater management

Stormwater guidance, training and research Stormwater regulation updates and stormwater management planning Stormwater remediation Stormwater retrofit planning

Strategies for riparian and floodplain protection and restoration

Floodplain management / floodplain and riparian restoration Improving environmental data: Stream typing and invasive species