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2019-2021 budget

Budget development and finalizing is an iterative process. Budget documents are written, summarized, and compared before a budget is finalized and approved, and we post those on this page. We will keep this page until we begin the budget development cycle for the 2023-2025 biennial budget; then this page will be deleted.

Ecology's 2019-21 budget requests

Operating budget request

Ecology’s operating budget request for new investments totals $55.1 million. It includes new resources that will:

  • Restore capacity for dedicated environmental accounts for toxics cleanup, prevention, and management.
  • Tackle solid waste head-on and find solutions to the recycling crisis.
  • Improve and protect water quality.
  • Deliver water for fish, farms, and people.
  • Address air toxics and public health issues.
  • Reduce flood risks, improve habitat and increase long-term community flood resilience.
  • Improve agency records management/public disclosure processes, and make key investments in information technology.

Capital budget request

Our capital budget request for new dollars totals $814 million. Similar to the Operating Budget submittal, it requests new investments in preventing and reducing toxic threats, delivering integrated water solutions, protecting and restoring Puget Sound, and in other key agency facility improvements. 
The requests are supported by dedicated environmental funds, federal funds, or state bonds for capital projects that:

  • Improve water quality.
  • Deliver water for fish, farms, and people.
  • Reduce flood risks and restore habitat.
  • Address air toxics and public health issues.
  • Clean up toxics sites.
  • Protect or restore state owned facilities.
  • Create jobs.

2019-21 budget documents

2019-2021 agency request budget submittals (September-October 2018)