2021 Creative Curriculum Award application

Waste Not Washington: School Awards

The Creative Curriculum award funds newly created and original curricula that:

  • Introduces students, teachers, staff, and administrators to the concepts of waste reduction, composting, recycling, green chemistry, sustainable design, or circular economy.
  • Strives to inspire a sense of environmental stewardship in the students and staff.


Be sure to read the instructions and guidelines before completing the application.

Application deadlines

All applications must be received by 5 p.m. on the date listed to be considered for the corresponding award cycle:

2021- 2022: Friday, Nov. 19, 2021


Project Information
Give a two-sentence description of the project for which you seek an award.
Contact Informationid1847399704
Program Informationid1491062268
Provide a brief description of your program. How does your program promote sustainability and relate to waste reduction? Explain how your program ties into the goals of the Waste Not Washington School Award Program. NOTE: This description may be used in speeches, press releases, or publications for the Waste Not Washington Awards. (Maximum character count 2,400, including spaces)
Which student groups or grade levels will you reach with this curriculum? What teaching methods will you use to reach these students? (Maximum character count 1,800, including spaces)
Describe the strength and diversity of community involvement in the project. Please describe communities involved in terms of race/ethnicity, income level, and/or English language learners. This can include activities with partners or volunteers. (Maximum character count 1,800, including spaces)
How will your school carry out the curriculum in the coming year? Discuss the access to necessary resources such as education materials, paid staff, volunteers, student time, etc. (Maximum character count 1,800, including spaces)
What roles will the students and faculty play in planning, preparing, and using this curriculum? (Maximum character count 1,200, including spaces)
How will the curriculum be integrated into the school’s current mission? How do you predict the administration and community will recognize the value and cooperate with the goals of the curriculum? (Maximum character count 1,500, including spaces)
How does the curriculum meet the Washington State Essential Academic Learning Requirements (EALR)? For current EALR information refer to the Integrated Environmental and Sustainability K-12 Learning Standards. (Maximum character count 1,200, including spaces)
Will the program’s results demonstrate outreach and inclusion to a population living in poverty with a WTN Environmental Health Disparity Index ranking? If so, please provide detailed information regarding the population and outreach materials to this population. (Maximum character count 1,200, including spaces)
What materials will you produce as a result of this curriculum, e.g.: static materials, videos, interactive materials, in person activities, etc.? Be as specific as possible. (Maximum character count 1,200, including spaces)
Explain what tools or knowledge the students and faculty will gain through this curriculum. How will this curriculum help students and faculty understand the environmental, social, and economic benefits of waste reduction. (Maximum character count 1,800, including spaces)
Briefly describe your vision for the future of this curriculum. What will it look like in the years to come? How might it evolve? What will your school do to keep this program going year after year? (Maximum character count 1,200)
If you have invoices, please provide them as an attachment. NOTE: you can attach up to three files. If you have more, you may need to create a zipped file.
Budget Informationid-935474743
Funding sources *
Do you have written agreements with outside funding sources?
If part of the budget is unfunded, please explain how your school will fill the funding gap. (Maximum character count 1,200, including spaces)
What financial planning have you done to ensure the program can remain in operation from year to year? (Maximum character count 1,200, including spaces)
List all expenses you would like your Creative Curriculum Award to cover and attach proof of estimates/quotes or list costs incurred.
If you have invoices, please provide them as an attachment. NOTE: you can only attach a single file, so you may need to create a zipped file.
List each action necessary to complete your proposed project, the person responsible, and the estimated completion date. Add more rows if needed.