Cleaning Up: Work along Centennial Trail and Spokane River

The Holcim site is in the the bend of the Spokane River, south of City property.

The Holcim Inc cleanup site is owned by Neighborhood Inc, the City of Spokane Valley, and Holcim (US) Inc.

Through November 2016, cleanup work is happening in the Spokane Valley at 12207 E. Empire Avenue, known as the Holcim Inc site.

The cleanup site is near the well-used Centennial Trail and a public boat launch on the Spokane River, so we wanted to let people know what's going on and answer potential questions.

Why is the site being cleaned up?

Cement was manufactured at the site from 1910 to 1967. During that time, cement kiln dust (CKD) was deposited on the ground. Soil sample results confirmed one CKD deposit about 109,100 cubic yards in volume and another about 12,300 cubic yards in volume.

A bare patch of ground between Ponderosa pines.

The bare ground is a CKD deposit.

The CKD contains various contaminants that exceed state standards, including arseniccadmium, and lead. Some of the CKD at the site is very corrosive with a pH greater than 12.5. Other contaminants near the cement-manufacturing area in surface soil include benzene, carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and gasoline-range petroleum hydrocarbons.

Is it safe to use the trail and river near the site?

Yes, the trail and river are safe to use. The public should not enter the fenced cleanup area.

How will the site be cleaned up?

CKD deposits will be stockpiled and covered with an engineered cap on the Holcim Inc property. Native grasses will be planted on the 2 feet of topsoil covering the cap.

All contamination will be removed from the City of Spokane Valley property, and this land will be restored and available for public use.

What happens when cleanup is finished?

Long-term monitoring will occur, and Ecology will visit the site at least every 5 years to verify the cleanup still protects people and the environment.

How can I get more information?