Fecal Matters: Richey Viewpoint beach is now open to water recreation, King County

On July 26, 2022, Seattle Public Utilities lifted the closure at Richey Viewpoint beach in King County. Weekly water sample results show there is no longer a public health risk. The park is now open for water contact recreation.

Stay updated on water quality at local beaches by checking the BEACH Program swimming map, and also check out our swimming tips including showering after swimming and washing hands before eating if you’ve been in contact with the water or sand.

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Local Health Departments issue water contact advisories or closures at swimming beaches. The BEACH Program communicates the risk to the public.

For more information

Heather Gibbs, our BEACH program manager, is available at 360-480-4868 or heather.gibbs@ecy.wa.gov for questions or contact the local health department.