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Ultra Yield Micronutrients Corrective Action

Environmental cleanup documents available for comment

May 10, 2018 - June 25, 2018

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Several draft documents are available for public review and comment. These documents provide a path forward to address contamination at the Ultra Yield Micronutrients facility, a fertilizer plant in Moxee, Washington.
Draft documents for review include:
  • A legal agreement, called an Agreed Order that provides an overview of the site and the cleanup work to be done.
  • A 2018 Corrective Action Plan that outlines steps to be taken to address contamination.
  • A dangerous waste permit for corrective action.
  • A public participation plan that outlines how Ecology will inform the public about this site.
Ultra Yield and Mr. Camp are now named as permittees in the legal documents. To make sure they comply with our cleanup laws, we are revising old cleanup documents and emphasizing the cleanup work that needs to continue. Ecology believes it is in the public interest that the permittees follow the environmental covenant and continue to monitor groundwater.

You can learn more on our Ultra Yield Micronutrients website

You can request a public hearing
If there are 10 or more requests from the public, we will hold a public hearing. To request a hearing, contact Tom Mackie. If we hold a public hearing, we will notify the public by postcard, ad in the Yakima Herald and El Sol de Yakima, Ecology public involvement calendar, and the Ultra Yield website.  
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Los borradores de varios documentos están disponibles para su revisión y comentarios. Estos Documentos proporcionan un plan de acción para abordar la contaminación en las facilidades de Ultra Yield Micronutrients, una planta de producción de fertilizantes en Moxee, Washington.

Los borradores de los documentos disponibles para revisión incluyen:

  • Un acuerdo legal llamado Orden Acordada el cual provee unadescripción general del sitio y del trabajo de limpieza arealizarse.
  • El Plan De Acción Correctiva del 2018 el cual delinea los pasos atomar para abordar la contaminación.
  • Un permiso de sustancias peligrosas para la acción correctiva.
  • Un plan de participación para el public que delinea como Ecología mantendrá informado al público acerca de este sitio.
Para más información visite nuestro sitio web.

Usted puede solicitar una audiencia pública
Si hay 10 o más solicitudes del público, llevaremos a cabo una audiencia pública. Para solicitar una audiencia, comuníquese con Tom Mackie. Si celebramos una audiencia pública, notificaremos al público por medio de tarjeta de correo, periódicos (Yakima Herald y El Sol de Yakima), el calendario de participación pública, y el sitio web de Ultra Yield.

Past practices and spills at the facility released hazardous substances to the soil and groundwater. Soil is contaminated with lead, cadmium, and zinc. Groundwater is contaminated with sulfate, chloride, manganese, cadmium, and zinc. Extensive cleanup activities were completed between 1988 and 2005. However, a limited amount of contaminated soil was left in place on-site, and groundwater beneath the facility remains contaminated.
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Thomas Mackie
1250 W. Alder St.
Yakima, WA 98903-0009
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Bridgette Valdez-Kogle
Public Involvement Coordinator

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