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Gold Knob Prospects Cleanup Site

Agreed Order available for review and comment

October 25, 2018 - November 24, 2018

Ecology proposes to enter into an Agreed Order for the Gold Knob Prospects site, located at 1200 Circle Street in Wenatchee. Ecology invites you to review and comment on the Agreed Order.

In the late 1800’s until 1989, mining exploration in the Saddle Rock area resulted in the creation of waste rock piles. These waste rock piles have high concentrations of arsenic, mercury, and selenium. To decrease human health and environmental risks, the waste rock piles will be removed and disposed of at the Wenatchee Regional Landfill.

Ecology proposes to enter into a legal agreement with the City of Wenatchee for this work. The agreement is called an Agreed Order. The City of Wenatchee plans to use state grant funds for the cleanup effort. The Agreed Order calls for a preliminary design and cost estimate, followed by bidding and selection of the cleanup contractor, and then final design with the cleanup, which will be documented in a report.

After the public comment period ends, Ecology will review and respond to comments received during the comment period. Ecology will hold a public meeting if 10 or more people request one.

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Department of Ecology, Central Regional Office
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Frank Winslow
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