Chapter 173-305 WAC

Hazardous Waste Fee Regulation



John Ridgway



Hazardous Waste Fee Regulation



The Department of Ecology adopted Chapter 173-305 WAC, Hazardous Waste Fee Regulation April 5, 2017. This chapter establishes regulations for fees associated with the use of hazardous substances and the generation of hazardous waste.

This rulemaking did not affect the "Hazardous Waste Generation Fee" applied to businesses in Washington that generate hazardous waste (RCW 70.95E.020).

Why it matters

This rulemaking aligned the rule with existing fee calculation practices, which are consistent with the hazardous waste and toxics reduction goals and purposes of the Waste Reduction Act, Chapter 70.95C RCW.

Scope of rule development

Amendments to Chapter 173-305 WAC, Hazardous Waste Fee Regulation added:

  • Exclusions related to the hazardous waste planning fee calculation found in WAC 173-305-220.
  • Other amendments to clarify language needed for the fee's calculation.

Process of development

Ecology kept local, state, and tribal governments and other stakeholders updated about actions we undertook during the rulemaking including:

  • Conducting two public meetings to describe the purpose of this rulemaking. The workshops gave Ecology an opportunity to hear and discuss stakeholders' comments and to provide preliminary draft language.
  • Holding a public hearing on the rule proposal.
  • Conducting two webinars for those unable to attend a workshop.

Ecology staff were available to consult with interested stakeholders unable to attend these events.

To learn more about the rulemaking, see: