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The Department of Ecology adopted the Children’s Safe Products – Reporting Rule Chapter 173-334 Washington Administrative Code (WAC) on September 29, 2017. This chapter requires manufacturers to annually report to the Washington Department of Ecology the presence of Chemicals of High Concern to Children (CHCCs) in children’s products offered for sale in Washington. The CSPA Reporting Rule identifies the CHCCs and details the process for manufacturers to report to Ecology. 

Why it matters

This rulemaking updated the rule after five years of implementation and amended the list of reporting chemicals.

Scope of rule development

Amendments to the CSPA Reporting Rule:

  • Added 20 chemicals to the list of CHCCs based on new scientific data;
  • Removed 3 chemicals from the list of CHCCs based on revised scientific data;
  • Changed a group of nonylphenols CHCCs into three individual listings;
  • Set a single annual reporting date consistent with reporting in other states;
  • Made other minor amendments that include:
  • Updated the reporting schedule to remove obsolete phase-in requirements.
  • Used the term “de minimis” to refer to existing minimum chemical reporting levels.
  • Clarified that resubmission of identical annual data (copy and paste) is sufficient, instead of a letter to Ecology confirming no changes from the previous annual report.
  • Updated chemical names to be consistent with terminology in the product testing database.

Process of development

Ecology kept local, state and tribal governments and other interested parties updated about this rulemaking including:

  • Conducted three public meetings/webinars to describe the purpose of this rulemaking. These events gave Ecology an opportunity to discuss rule changes and receive feedback from interested parties on preliminary draft language.
  • Met with several interested parties during the preliminary draft rulemaking.
  • Held a public hearing on the proposed rule.

To learn more about the rulemaking, see:


Children’s Safe Products-Reporting Rule – WAC 173-334 The Department of Ecology is proposing to update WAC 173-334 Children’s Safe Products Reporting Rule. This rule requires manufacturers to report to Ecology if the children’s products they make contain certain chemicals. For information contact Tina Schaefer at 360-407-6786. Interpretation services are available.

Español (Spanish)

Reglamento sobre Informes de Productos Seguros para Niños – WAC 173-334 El Departamento de Ecología está proponiendo la revisión del WAC 173-334, el Reglamento sobre Informes de Productos Seguros para Niños (Children’s Safe Products Reporting Rule). Este reglamento requiere que los fabricantes de productos para niños informan a Ecología si los productos contienen ciertos químicos. Para obtener información favor de contactar a Tina Schaefer al 360-407-6786. Servicio de interpretación disponible.

Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese)

Điều lệ báo cáo các sản phẩm an toàn của trẻ em - WAC 173-334 Bộ Môi Sinh đang đề nghị cập nhật điều lệ báo cáo sản phẩm an toàn của trẻ em WAC 173-334. Điều lệ này yêu cầu các nhà sản xuất phải báo cáo Bộ Môi Sinh nếu các sản phẩm của trẻ em có chứa một số hóa chất nhất định. Để biết thêm thông tin, xin liên hệ Tina Schaefer tại số 360-407-6786. Có dịch vụ thông dịch.

한국어 (Korean)

자녀들이 사용하는 제품에 관한 안전 신고 규정 – WAC 173-334 주환경부에서는 주법 (WAC 173-334) 에서 규정하는 자녀들이 사용하는 제품의 안전여부 신고법을 개정중이다. 이 법은 아동들이 사용하는 제품에 특정물질이 함유되어 있으면, 제조업주는 반드시 환경부로 신고할 의무가 있음을 규정하고있다. 자세한 사항은 Tina Schaefer (360-407-6786) 에게 연락. 관련업무 통역도 가능함.

中文 (Chinese)

華盛頓州生態管理署提議更新州政府法律文件(WAC 173-334)有關兒童安全產品的報告規則。 這一規則要求製造商向生態管理署報告, 如果他們製造的兒童產品包含一定的化學品。 如需要更多的信息, 請聯繫 Tina Schaefer 電話 360-407-6786。 生態管理署提供口譯服務。