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Chapter 173-166 WAC

The Department of Ecology is proposing to amend an existing rule - Chapter 173-166 WAC, Emergency Drought Relief. The amendment is needed to eliminate conflict with statutory authority, reflect current practices, improve clarity, and to update agency information.

Rulemaking Timeline


Announcement Phase (CR-101)

Filing date:
Aug. 9, 2017

Announcement documents

Rule Development Phase

September - December 2017

Public input & involvement

Preliminary draft language for review 

How to comment:
  • By mail:
                        Department of Ecology
                        Attn: Rebecca Inman
                        PO Box 47600
                        Olympia, WA 98504-7600

Comments due September 29, 2017 5:00 PM

Rule Proposal Phase (CR-102)

Filing date:
Jan. 2, 2018

Rule proposal documents:

Comment period

The public comment period for the proposed amendment of Chapter 173-166 WAC runs from January 2, 2018 through February 16, 2018.
How to comment:
Online: Rulemaking for Chapter 173-166 Emergency Drought Relief
By mail:
                        Department of Ecology
                        Attn: Rebecca Inman
                        PO Box 47600
                        Olympia, WA 98504-7600

At the Public Hearing - See below

10 am, Wednesday February 7, 2018
Ecology Headquarters
300 Desmond Drive
Lacey WA  98503
Ecology Central Regional Office
1250 West Alder Street
Union Gap, WA 98903

(The two locations will be linked by videoconferencing. Provisions have been made for if, for any reason, the video-conferencing link fails during the public hearing: a hearings officer will be onsite at each location to receive written or oral testimony.)

Assistance for persons with disabilities:
Contact Hanna Waterstrat
Phone: 360-407-7668
TTY: 877-833-6341
Email: Hanna.Waterstrat@ecy.wa.gov
Other: 711 Relay Service
By January 19, 2018

Additional Languages

Español (Spanish) 中文 (Chinese) Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese) 한국어 (Korean)


To request ADA accommodation for disabilities, or printed materials in a format for the visually impaired, call Hanna Waterstrat at 360-407-7668 or email hanna.waterstrat@ecy.wa.gov. Persons with impaired hearing may call Washington Relay Service at 711. Persons with speech disability may call TTY at 877-833-6341.