Public Notices for Section 401 water quality certifications & CZM federal consistency

Listed below are the current public notices for projects requesting a Section 401 water quality certification under the federal Clean Water Act and/or a Coastal Zone Management consistency determination under the federal Coastal Zone Management Act. The public notices are sorted by the comment deadline and provided in PDF format.

Comments should be sent to:

Department of Ecology
SEA Program Federal Project Coordinator
PO Box 47600
Olympia, WA 98504


All comments should include the permit applicant name, project name, your name, address, and phone number.

Reference # Comment
Applicant Project Description with
Public Notice and Application Materials
County Project
  October 8, 2019 Multiple Multiple
  • Lowman Beach Park Shoreline Restoration and Seawall Removal
  • Columbia-Pacific Passage, Hungry Harbor Habitat Restoration
  • Avalon Stream Restoration
  • Aldrich Road Widening
  • Sather Dock
  • SR 527 / Penny Creek - Fish Passage
  • Sanderson Bulkhead Repalacement
  • Pettitt Riparian Restoration Bio-Engineering
Multiple ecyrefedpermits
NWS-2009-1563 October 2, 2019 Pope Resources
/ OPG Properties
Port Gamble Dock Kitsap Laura Inouye
Comment Online
NWS-2018-726 October 2, 2019 City of
Mill Creek Re-establishment King Doug Gresham
Comment Online
NWS-2012-0157 October 2, 2019 Port of Willapa Harbor Willapa Harbor (Bay Center Maintenance Dredging) Pacific Laura Inouye
  October 1, 2019 Multiple Multiple Project
  • Schaake Property Habitat Improvement - Phase 2
  • OPALCO Hoffman Cove Road Utility Line Conversion and Replacement
  • Unwin Bulkhead/Retaining Wall
  • Alderwood Elementary School
Multiple ecyrefedpermits
NWS-2007-167 September 28, 2019 Skagit County Drainage and Irrigation District No. 17 Skagit County Drainage and Irrigation District No. 17 (Drainage Maintenance Agreement and Plan) Skagit Loreè Randall
  September 27, 2019 Dick Clotfelter Clotfelter Property Enhancement Island Neil Molstad
Comment Online
  September 27, 2019 Multiple Multiple Projects
  • A, D Dock Dredging
  • Smith Creek Tidal Restoration
  • Railway Marina Emergency Dock Repair
Multiple ecyrefedpermits
NWS-2019-162 September 19, 2019 Lakeport Reach LLC Revised Sumas Concrete Products (Lakeport Reach LLC) Whatcom Chris Luerkens
  September 17, 2019 Multiple Multiple Projects
  • 210 East Horton Road Residential
  • Vancouver Logistics
Multiple ecyrefedpermits
NWS-2019-478 September 11, 2019 City of Des Moines Marina Marina Entrance Dredging King Laura Inouye
  September 10, 2019 Multiple Multiple Projects
  • Gratzer Park Phase 2
  • Cockreham Island Fish Enhancement Mitigation
  • Schutzler, Dowell and Foster Bulkhead Repair
  • Camberfield
  • Montevallo PUD
  • BP Final Effluent Pipeline Replacement Phase 2
  • Hood Canal Estate Improvements
  • Anderson Subdivision North
  • Proctor Willows
  • Stefani Driveway Crossing
  • Morrow Shoreline
  • Fennel Creek Industrial Park Phase 2
  • Cwik Recreational Mooring Buoy
  • SCG North Creek Place
Multiple ecyrefedpermits
NWS-2019-515 August 25, 2019 SeaMar Community Health Centers SeaMar Community Health Centers (Cordata Improvements) Whatcom Loreè Randall
NWS-2019-548 August 20, 2019 City of Bellingham Public Works West Horton Road Phase I Whatcom Chris Luerkens
  August 13, 2019 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle District Permanent Repair of the Koch Slough (Cook) Weir and Fishway in the Stillaguamish River Snohomish Penny Kelley
Comment Online
  August 12, 2019 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle District FY19 - FY24 South Jetty Breach Fill Maintenance Grays Harbor Penny Kelley
Comment Online
NWS-2018-379 August 8, 2019 Alan Tepper Tepper 150-Dock Chelan Andrea Jedel
NWS-2018-380 August 6, 2019 Alan Tepper Tepper 100-Dock Chelan Andrea Jedel
NWS-2018-1129 August 6, 2019 Snohomish County Public Works Snohomish County Public Works (North Creek Regional Trail) Snohomish Loreè Randall

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