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Greenhouse gas reporting program

Washington requires some facilities and transportation fuel suppliers to annually report their greenhouse gas emissions. Our program uses the same emission calculation methods as the EPA greenhouse gas reporting program. We use these reports to better understand the amount and sources of carbon pollution in our state.

Map of greenhouse gas sources in Washington

Reporting your greenhouse gas emissions

The information below will help you report your emissions for the required greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting program. If you're a transportation fuel supplier you have special reporting instructions that you can view on our transportation fuel supplier greenhouse gas reporting page.

Some facilities that are required to report their emissions to us are also required to report to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). For more information about the EPA greenhouse gas reporting program please visit their website.

Who is required to report in Washington?

  • Facilities that emit at least 10,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) per year in Washington.
  • Suppliers of liquid motor vehicle fuel, special fuel, or aircraft fuel that provide products equivalent to at least 10,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year in Washington.

Currently, Washington businesses that generate 100,000 metric tons, or more, of CO2e are also required to comply with the Clean Air Rule. This emission threshold declines over time, so additional businesses may need to comply in future years. If you are required to comply with the Clean Air Rule you are also required to submit a verified greenhouse gas report.

Steps to register your facility and report your greenhouse gases

Complete Certificate of Representation Enter your emissions Download your report Upload your files Mail a report signature form
Reporting deadlines

Types of reporters Reporting deadlines
Facilities who report GHGs to both Ecology and EPA March 31, of the following year
Facilities who report to Ecology only Oct. 31, of the following year
Transportation fuel suppliers Oct. 31, of the following year

Reporting fees