Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know (EPCRA) Tier Two online reporting

Tier Two Online allows authorized representatives for facilities to:

  • Update information.
  • Upload previously filed data.
  • Submit electronic reports to the State Emergency Response Commission (SERC). Paper copies are not required if submitted electronically.
  • Save completed forms electronically for your records.
After completing your Tier Two Online report, you must submit it to your Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) and local fire department. Mailed report forms must have an original signature on each report.

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Authorized representative

An authorized representative is defined as the person responsible for the overall operation of a facility. Please let us know if you are replacing a previous representative.

How to sign up for EPCRA Tier Two online reporting

  • Send an email providing the facility name(s) and 12-digit Community Right-to-Know ID number(s). You can expect an email response within one business day.

  • Once you have received an email response, please proceed to SecureAccess Washington (SAW). Use the instructions under the appropriate tab to continue.

Sign up for a SAW account

  • Go to SecureAccess Washington.
  • Click the "Sign Up" button.
  • Enter your personal information. Please use your own contact information.

Once complete, you will receive an email confirmation.

Now that you have a SAW account, the instructions for adding the Tier Two Online reporting service in SAW are available under the section called "I have a SAW account" on this page.

I have a SAW account