Evaluating your stormwater education & outreach program

This WSU led project will determine what types of stormwater problems are amenable to, and best addressed by, behavior change efforts. An online decision support tool, guidance, and training will be developed to guide jurisdictions in prioritizing stormwater education efforts and evaluating effectiveness of their programs.

Project tasks and deliverables

Project timeline is February 2021 to September 30, 2022. Costs are $270,100.
Scope of work

Task 1.0: Project administration and management

  • D1.1. Project schedule
  • D1.2. 1st Status report
  • D1.3. 2nd Status report
  • D1.4. 3rd Status report
  • D1.5. 4th Status report
  • D1.6. 5th Status report

Task 2.0: Match stormwater problems to effective behavior change tools

  • D2.1 Draft key informant interview questions; list of entities to contact
  • D2.2 Report on key informant interviews
  • D2.3 Draft web survey, with input from TAC addressed
  • D2.4 Final web survey; report on survey - Phase I and Phase II E&O programs
  • D2.5 Annotated bibliography: studies linking stormwater to water quality

Task 3.0: Assess the effectiveness of existing E&O tools nationwide

  • D3.1 Draft synthesis and annotated bibliography
  • D3.2 Revised synthesis and bibliography, with input from TAC addressed.

Task 4.0: Create a Website Decision-Support Tool

  • D4.1 Draft mock-up of decision-support tool
  • D4.2 Revised mockup addressing comments from TAC
  • D4.3 Final website operational
  • D4.4 Report on survey jurisdictions testing website; website refinements
  • D4.5 Transition plan for making website sustainable after SAM funding.

Task 5.0: Develop guidance for E&O effectiveness evaluation and reporting

  • D5.1 Draft interview questions
  • D5.2 Summary of vision for guidance documents addressing TAC comments
  • D5.3 Summary of data analysis and interview responses
  • D5.4 Draft checklist, report template; and rubric for pilot testing
  • D5.5 Pilot testing results summary
  • D5.6 Final checklist and report template with TAC comments addressed

Task 6:0: Report study findings and training manual

  • D6.1 Draft whitepaper
  • D6.2 Final whitepaper addressing TAC comments
  • D6.3 Draft SAM factsheet
  • D6.4 Final SAM factsheet review
  • D6.5 Draft training manual
  • D6.6 Final training manual addressing TAC comments

Task 7.0: Coordinate with TAC and E&O coordination groups

  • D7.1 List of TAC committee members
  • D7.2 Meeting agenda and minutes
  • D7.3 Meeting agenda and minutes
  • D7.4 Meeting agenda and minutes
  • D7.5 Meeting agenda and minutes
  • D7.6 Meeting agenda and minutes
  • D7.7 Presentation to SWG