Regional spill hotline feasibility

King County is leading a regional effort to conduct an alternatives and feasibility analysis of a regional or statewide single reporting hotline for spills to stormwater systems.

Project description

There are a variety of ways that municipalities can report a spill across the region. This results in some challenges with coordination and possibly less efficient responses. King County is investigating whether a single regional hotline could be used to gather all the spill information in one place. The study will explore if a single hotline can: 

  • Reduce confusion and improve response times to spills.
  • Standardize response, reporting, data collection, and staff training.
  • Promote assistance on large and cross-jurisdictional spills.
  • Provide uniform standards for notification and requesting state resources.


  • Interview/survey municipal and state spill report/response program staff to understand overarching trends and solutions.
  • Research existing reporting services/software to identify potential resources.
  • Recommendations for development or identification of a customizable database and linked phone system.

Project Tasks and Deliverables

Scope of WorkRegional Spill Hotline FAQs​

Task 1: Project management and semi-annual reports

  • Deliverable 1.1 Semi-annual status report
  • Deliverable 1.2 Quarterly Meeting Agenda & Notes
    • Jan. 2019
    • Apr. 2019
    • July 2019
    • Oct. 2019
    • Dec. 2019
    • Jan. 2020
    • Apr. 2020
    • July 2020
    • Oct. 2020
Task 2: Municipal and state research Task 3: Systems research
  • Deliverable 3.1 Technical memo on service options and recommendations
Task 4: Data analysis and report
  • Deliverable 4.1 Source ID Meeting Agenda & Notes
  • Deliverable 4.2 Report Outline
  • Deliverable 4.3 Draft Report
  • Deliverable 4.4 Final report
  • Presentations (2)