State agency greenhouse gas reports

The state Legislature approved the State Agency Climate Leadership Act establishing greenhouse gas emission reduction limits for state government in 2009. As a result, Washington state agencies are working to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and are required to report their reductions to us.

Washington state capitol with reflection in Capitol Lake vantage point on a fall day.

Washington state capitol.

Reducing agency emissions

The State Agency Climate Leadership Act directs state agencies to track, report, and reduce their greenhouse gases. Agencies are working to reduce their emissions from electricity use, fuel consumption, business travel, and employee commuting.

Some state agencies, including state colleges and universities, are directed to report their greenhouse gas emissions annually. They are required to report their:

  • Annual estimate of greenhouse gas emissions from agency operations.
  • Actions taken to meet emission reduction targets.

Visit our state agency reporting page to find reporting tools, instructions, and a list of agencies that are required to report.

Reports to the Governor and the Legislature

Take a look at the progress agencies are making to reduce greenhouse gas emissions: