The Recycle Right toolkit

Download the free Recycle Right partner toolkit and join communities across the state to improve the quality of Washington's recycled material.

Get the FREE Recycle Right partner toolkit 

We are pleased to offer a FREE Recycle Right partner toolkit. It was developed for the Recycle Right campaign and is formatted for easy use. The toolkit includes website headers and banners, print materials and multimedia, including the radio and television ads featured in the Recycle Right campaign. And like the campaign, much of the material is available in both English and Spanish.
These ready-to-use resources are just what you need to help your community or organization improve the quality of this state's recycled material. Get the free Recycle Right partner toolkit today.

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Use this form to request access to download the files. We'd also like to hear a little bit about how you plan to use the materials to improve recycling efforts in your community.

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