Cowlitz County Shoreline Master Program: Periodic Review

Final approval

On March 28, 2022, we approved the Cowlitz County Shoreline Master Program (SMP) periodic review amendment.

Cowlitz County’s amended SMP is effective April 11, 2022 — 14 days after we provided notice to the county that their SMP was approved.

The proposed changes were minimal, primarily removing the 2016 Shoreline Restoration Plan from Appendix B, revising it to reflect current information, and presenting it separately as a stand-alone document. The county’s SMP was comprehensively updated in 2018 and regulates shoreline use and development along approximately 697 miles of lake and river shorelines. These include the Columbia, Lewis, Kalama, Cowlitz, and Chehalis rivers; Mill, Abernathy, and Germany creeks; and Merwin, Yale, and Silver lakes, among others.

We held a public comment period on Cowlitz County’s proposed periodic review amendment to their SMP. Email notices were used to notify interested parties of the public comment period held Oct. 18 through Nov. 18, 2021.

Documents related to approval


  • Per RCW 90.58.190(3), an interested party may file an appeal with the Shoreline Hearings Board within 30 days of the publication date of our written notice of final action.
  • We plan to publish the notice of final action in the The Daily News legal ads on April 13, 2022.