Grays Harbor County

On Dec. 18, 2019, we provided Grays Harbor County with required and recommended changes to the county's proposed comprehensive update of their Shoreline Master Program (SMP).

The required and recommended changes are based on our review of whether or not the proposed update complies with state laws and rules, and input received during our public comment period. The public comment period ran from Oct. 29 to Dec. 3, 2018.

Mail and email notices were used to notify Interested parties of the public comment period and notice was posted on our public input and events calendar. Three comment letters were received. Comments focused on sea level rise, natural hazards including tsunamis and coastal erosion, public participation, Quinault tribal treaty rights, critical area regulations, and water quality concerns among others.

The proposed SMP will entirely replace the county's existing SMP, last amended in 1991. The SMP addresses uses and development along over 1200 miles of fresh and salt water shorelines, including the Pacific Ocean and Grays Harbor, numerous rivers and creeks including the Chehalis, Hoquiam, and Satsop rivers, and six lakes. The proposed SMP contains locally tailored shoreline policies and regulations, prioritizes water-oriented uses and development, supports restoration actions consistent with the Shoreline Restoration Plan, and incorporates critical areas regulations to ensure the protection of sensitive areas within the shoreline jurisdiction.

Documents related to approval

Note: All documents are PDF.