Spokane Valley SMP: Periodic Review

On Feb. 4, 2022, we approved the City of Spokane Valley (City) Shoreline Master Program (SMP) periodic update. Per RCW 90.58.090, the effective date of City of Spokane Valley’s SMP is Feb. 18, 2022, 14 days after we provided notice to the city that their SMP was approved.

The periodic review revises the existing SMP, to incorporate changes in local circumstances, the Shoreline Management Act and associated rules. The key changes the city proposed:

  • New and revised definitions
  • New cost threshold for building freshwater docks
  • Clarification on permit filing procedures
  • Added wetland buffer tables and clarification consistent with our implementation guidance for the 2014 wetlands rating system

On Jan. 3, 2022, we provided the City of Spokane Valley with required and recommended changes to the city’s proposed periodic review of their SMP.

We held a public comment period on the City of Spokane Valley’s proposed periodic review to their SMP. The period for public comment was from February 12 – March 12, 2021. 

We used email to notify those who had expressed prior interest in the review of the SMP. We received a two comments during the comment period. The first was from Leslie King ad WDFW regarding the incorporating the recent Best Available Science (BAS) recommendations as part of future updates to the SMP. The second commenter wanted to know if section 8 or other affordable housing units will be allowed along the shoreline.

Documents related to approval