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Port Townsend SMP Amendment

On Nov. 2, 2018, we provided the City of Port Townsend with recommended changes to the proposed amendment of their Shoreline Master Program (SMP).

The minor changes are based on our review of whether or not the proposed update complies with state laws and rules, and a public comment period held Aug. 1 through Aug.16, 2018, and are intended to clarify provisions for implementation.

Mail and email were used to notify interested parties of the joint public comment period and a public hearing was held in conjunction with the city. No comments were received.

The amendment will revise the existing SMP to be consist with the City's updated critical areas ordinance. The recommended changes have been sent to the City for their review and response. The City may agree to these changes or offer alternative language. Final approval will occur when the city and Ecology agree on language that meets state requirements.

Documents related to approval

Note: all documents are PDF

If you have trouble accessing the above documents please contact Michelle McConnell.