Poulsbo Shoreline Master Program: Amendment

On Jan. 4, 2019, we provided the City of Poulsbo required changes to the city's proposed amendment to their Shoreline Master Program (SMP).

The changes are based on our review of whether or not the proposed amendment complies with state laws and rules. A public comment period was held July 2 through Aug. 2. 2018. We used mail and email to notify those who expressed prior interest. No comments were received.

The city’s amendment proposes several changes to their existing SMP. The amendment includes changes to the shoreline environment designation for a single property from Shoreline Residential 1 and 2 to High Intensity, and modifications to the residential density requirement within the SR-2 SED from four to five dwelling units per acre, as permitted in the underlying zone.

Next steps

The required changes have been sent to Poulsbo for their review and response. The city may agree to these changes or offer alternative language. Final approval will occur when we agree on language that meets state requirements.

Documents related to approval

Note: All documents are PDF

Locally adopted SMP Limited Amendment Background Information

Paper copies of the above documents are available by contacting Ecology's Misty Blair.