Zosel Dam

Zosel Dam is the only dam we own and operate. The dam's primary purpose is to maintain water levels on Osoyoos Lake, which is on the boundary of the United States and Canada near Oroville. Lake levels are mandated by the International Joint Commission, a board made up of representatives from the U.S. and Canada.

The lake hosts summer homes and recreational activities, and supplies irrigation water on both sides of the border.

Zosel Dam near Oroville, Washington. Photo by Chad Mathews

Current conditions

The lake’s water levels change annually based on spring runoff and water usage throughout the summer. The water levels are also influenced by occasional seasonal conditions, such as droughts. Our goal is to achieve mandated spring lake levels by June 1.

To track the progress of lake levels in real time, as well as find additional information, visit the USGS web page for Osoyoos Lake.