Drought in Washington 2019

Under our advisement, Gov. Jay Inslee expanded the state’s drought emergency, which now includes 27 watersheds — nearly half the state. On June 4, we began accepting applications for grants to help those experiencing hardships related to the drought emergency.

Here's the latest as of July 15: 
  • If you’re wondering why you need an umbrella even through there’s a drought, read our blog.
  • Recent storms have brought some relief and raised rivers, but U.S. Geological Survey water level stations show approximately 40 percent are still below the 10th percentile. Get the latest streamflow data for Washington.
  • How can you help? You can report any drought conditions, and water conservation is always important.

Seasonal forecast

We project water supplies by working with state and federal agencies to evaluate seasonal weather forecasts. Averaged statewide, January through June was the eighth driest on record for Washington since 1895, with especially dry conditions on the west side of the state. Drought conditions continue to persist.
Drought impact image for link to https://www.drought.gov/drought/states/washington

National Drought Information System - Report your drought impacts