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Ray Rock Grocery

Comment on proposed removal from the Contaminated Sites List

Feb. 1, 2024 - March 4, 2024, 11:59 p.m.

We propose moving this site from the Contaminated Sites List to the No Further Action Sites List because it meets state cleanup standards.

We invite you to review the No Further Action Letter and comment on removing Ray Rock Grocery from the Contaminated Sites List.


In 1991, workers removed two 3,000-gallon underground storage tanks from the site and observed petroleum-contaminated soil in the tank excavation area. About 8 cubic yards of contaminated soil was removed and placed in a parking area on a different part of the property and land farmed. Landfarming is an above-ground treatment for deep-contaminated soil. Usually, this involves excavating contaminated soil, spreading it in a thin layer on the ground for aeration, and sometimes adding minerals, nutrients, and moisture to help degrade the contamination over time.

In 2018, Ecology funded investigations at this site through the Model Remedies Grant Program. The environmental studies gathered data about the site to help develop and implement cleanup plans. Samples from the study confirmed no contamination above state cleanup levels remains at the site.Ecology has determined the cleanup performed at the site meets state cleanup standards.

What happens next?

After the public comment period ends, Ecology will review and respond to comments received during the comment period. We will hold a public meeting if  10 or more people request it. If no changes are necessary, we will move the site from the Contaminated Sites List to the No Further Action Sites List.

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