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Customer survey results 2014

Every two years, we survey our permit applicants and inspected customers to measure our customer service. We use the results to identify areas for improvement. You can see the main findings from our most recent survey below.

About the survey

Good customer service helps Ecology develop innovative partnerships with our customers to sustain healthy land, air, and water in harmony with a strong economy. Asking our customers for feedback helps us learn how we can improve.

We survey applicants who receive 18 different permit types, ranging from Dam Safety permits to Air Operating permits. We survey customers of 15 different inspection types, ranging from Dangerous Waste Handlers inspections to Industrial Stormwater inspections. To ensure the process and results are unbiased, Ecology contracts with a statistics service to conduct the survey.

We use the survey results to identify actions to improve our processes and customer service. We’ve learned that our webpages and permit application instructions needed improving. In response, we improved our website, and now provide help for permittees via video and webinars. We've also learned that sending notices and checklists to facilities helps them prepare for inspections. Below are the main findings from our 2014 survey.

Main findings

  • 95 percent of our customers thought our staff were helpful, friendly, and listened.
  • 82 percent thought we found innovative ways to solve problems.
  • 94 percent of our customers thought the inspection provided useful regulatory information applicable to their facility.
  • 75 percent of permit applicants agreed the time it took to process their permit was reasonable.
  • Over 90 percent of customers thought information on our website was helpful, only 76 percent thought information was easy to find.
  • Ecology’s processing and final decisions could be more timely.
  • Inspectors were clear in describing the process, answered questions, and explained requirements.
  • Inspectors could be more knowledgeable about a customer’s facility.