Customer survey results

About the survey

Good customer service helps us develop innovative partnerships with our customers to sustain healthy land, air, and water in harmony with a strong economy. Asking our customers for feedback helps us learn how we can improve. To ensure the process and results are unbiased, we contract with a statistics service to conduct the survey.

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Customer survey results

As part of our core services, we issue environmental permits to individuals, businesses, and corporations. We also inspect and visit businesses required to comply with Washington’s environmental laws and rules.

Since 2002, we have conducted biennial surveys to permitted and inspected customers to ask for feedback about their experience with our services and interaction with our staff including:

  • Satisfaction with customer service
  • Staff knowledge and helpfulness
  • Clarity and timeliness of the processes and requirements
  • Ease of use of required forms and paperwork, and online resources

We use the survey results to identify actions to improve our processes and customer service. We’ve learned that our webpages and permit application instructions needed improving. In response, we improved our website, and now provide help for permittees via video and webinars. We've also learned that sending notices and checklists to facilities helps them prepare for inspections.