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Greenhouse gas reporting rules updated for new climate law

Oct. 13 news – Public input sought on more detailed emissions reporting requirements to support Washington’s Climate Commitment Act.

North Beach County Park is now open for water recreation in Jefferson County

Oct. 8 blog – Jefferson County Public Health lifted a no-contact advisory at North Beach County Park. The wastewater treatment outfall is repaired and sampling has revealed that bacteria levels are now safe for water contact.

Tackling Toxics: Aerospace Company transitions to safer vapor degreasing

Sept. 29 blog – We collaborated with the Pollution Prevention Resource Center to help Valence Services Technologies (also known as MAPSCO) stop using a toxic chemical in their vapor degreasing operation.

Statewide plastic bag ban begins Friday, Oct. 1

Sept. 27 news – Washington's statewide plastic bag ban begins Friday, Oct. 1. All Washington businesses providing single-use plastic bags to customers at checkout must comply with the new law.

These worms are boring! ... into oyster shells, that is
Eyes Under Puget Sound - Critter of the Month

Sept. 27 blog – Shell-boring worms make their homes in mollusc shells. These parasites are sometimes called mud blister worms, because the burrows that they create inside the shells fill with mud and detritus.

Bellevue developer fined $280,000 for multiple dangerous waste violations at downtown site

Sept. 21 news  – We have fined Bellevue Investors I LLC for illegally sending soil contaminated with dry cleaning solvent to solid waste landfills.

Loans for septic repairs and replacement now available to entire state

Sept. 21 news  – Homeowners in every county can now access loans to repair and replace septic systems.

Help us improve aquatic habitat in the Chehalis River basin

Sept. 16 blog  – Webinars will guide participants who want to sponsor aquatic habitat restoration projects in the Chehalis River basin.

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