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Bellevue developer fined $280,000 for multiple dangerous waste violations at downtown site

Sept. 21 news  – We have fined Bellevue Investors I LLC for illegally sending soil contaminated with dry cleaning solvent to solid waste landfills.

Loans for septic repairs and replacement now available to entire state

Sept. 21 news  – Homeowners in every county can now access loans to repair and replace septic systems.

Help us improve aquatic habitat in the Chehalis River basin

Sept. 16 blog  – Webinars will guide participants who want to sponsor aquatic habitat restoration projects in the Chehalis River basin.

There's a new sign for a healthier Puget Sound

Sept. 15 blog  – Marinas are using new No Discharge Zone signs to help protect Puget Sound. The free signs are available now to help protect Puget Sound. 

2020-21: The water year of surprises

Sept. 15 blog  – The 2020-21 water year started out wet with a good snowpack and is ending extremely dry with drought conditions, breaking records for dryness over the past 127 years.

Nutrient pollution modeling shows different futures for Puget Sound

Sept. 14 blog  – This week, we shared our latest Salish Sea modeling results, which are moving us another step forward on regional efforts to reduce nutrients.

Cleaning up: Agreement maps cleanup process at former Seattle Times site

Sept. 9 blog – We're inviting comment on a legal agreement with the owners of the former Seattle Times site to begin the formal cleanup process.

Ecology applauds EPA effort to add Bradford Island to “Superfund” list 

Sept. 8 news –Today the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced it is proposing to add Bradford Island at Bonneville Dam to the National Priorities List, better known as the Superfund cleanup list.

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