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Fecal Matters: No-contact advisory issued for Richey Viewpoint, King County

June 24 blog – Public Health Seattle & King County issued an advisory at Richey Viewpoint beach in King County.

Partnerships fuel removal of toxic tires from Washington’s waters

June 23 blog – Removing waste tires from Washington's waters is a complex, long-term issue. But we can start tackling parts of the problem now. Learn about two of our grant recipients working on tire removal.

Comment period extended for Goldendale Energy Storage Project draft EIS

June 23 news release – We're extending the comment period on a draft environmental impact statement (EIS) for the proposed Goldendale Energy Storage Project  adjacent to the Columbia River in Klickitat County.

New rulemaking will update protections for aquatic life from toxic chemicals

June 23 blog – Based on EPA recommendations and feedback, we started the process to update our aquatic life criteria to reflect new information about toxic chemicals.

Permiso de agua limpia para grandes operaciones ganaderas lagunas de estiércol disponible para revisión

June 22 news release – El Departamento de Ecología propone actualizaciones al permiso de calidad del agua de la Operación de Alimentación de Animales Confinados (CAFO, por sus siglas en ingles), que es la forma en que la agencia supervisa el manejo del estiércol en ciertas instalaciones.

Clean water permit for large livestock operations, manure lagoons available for review

June 22 news release – Ecology is proposing updates to the Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) water quality permit, which is how the agency oversees manure management at certain facilities.

Oil spill equipment exercise in Grays Harbor

June 22 news release – Ecology, Port of Grays Harbor, Washington State Maritime Cooperative, and the National Response Corporation will hold an oil spill equipment exercise in Hoquiam on June 23.

Meow we’re talking…about the catworms

June 22 blog – June is National Adopt-a-Cat Month. But what about the benthic version of our purrrfect pals? Let me tell you a tail of the catworms...

Cleaning up for affordable housing on Bellingham Bay

June 16 blog – Once contaminated by decades of use as storage for a paper mill byproduct called lignin, four acres of downtown Bellingham will soon be cleaned up and redeveloped into affordable housing.

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