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Featured position

Water Resources Statewide Permitting Coordinator (Environmental Specialist 5) (In-Training)

Location: Multiple Locations Statewide, WA

Pay: $56,880.00 - $98,040.00 Annually


The Water Resources Program within the Department of Ecology is looking to fill a Water Resources Statewide Permitting Coordinator (Environmental Specialist 5) position. This position can be located in any of our offices listed below:

Upon hire, you must live within a commutable distance from the duty station.

Make a meaningful impact by advancing policies to effectively manage the state’s water resources in this dynamic position! As a member of the Operations and Technical Support team within the Water Resources Program, you will learn to provide expert assistance in the evaluation of laws and the development and drafting of rules, polices, and procedures to support water right permit decision making. Once you reach the Environmental Specialist 5 level, you will be the statewide lead and expert water right permitting specialist, collaborating with staff across the state, as well as local, state, and federal agencies, Tribes, interest groups, and the public to ensure efficient water management throughout Washington. 

What makes this role unique?

This is an excellent opportunity to master the permitting process of the Water Resources Program and to develop and grow your project management, collaboration, and leadership skills. As the Water Resources Statewide Permitting Coordinator, you are the recognized expert in water right permitting, a significant and complex program specialty area. In this role, it is crucial to understand and advocate for the needs and challenges of the regional permitting teams with senior management. This includes matters relating to the development, revision, and implementation of water right permitting standards, technical procedures, and guidelines to support water right permitting, decision documents and related forms, and training.

What you will do: 

  • Oversee the Permit Quality Team, guiding the development and implementation of comprehensive water right permitting processes, offering consultation, and making recommendations to senior management.
  • Actively promote communication between permitting staff to foster connection and collaboration between the Department of Ecology’s regional offices and headquarters. 
  • Combine internal work teams agreed-upon preferences, requirements, and concerns into clear and actionable communications to program leadership.
  • Act as liaison between permitting staff and program management, including presenting information and guidance requests to the Program Leadership Team (PLT).
  • Track PLT decisions regarding permitting and communicate them to permitting staff throughout the state.

Posted 7/18/2024

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