Online tools & databases

This is the gateway to Ecology's many web-accessible databases and tools. These tools help you conduct business with us, and give you access to a wealth of scientific data and information.

Featured online tool

Wildfire smoke map –  on our wildfire smoke page, scroll down to see the map showing statewide air quality conditions and locations of current wildfires. And below that you'll find our new Five-day Forecast map.

Air & Climate

  • Air monitoring network – current air quality conditions from air monitoring stations that measure air pollution across Washington.

Water & Shorelines

  • Flood hazard maps – do you live or work in a floodplain? Flood hazard maps help determine the flood risk to your home or business.
  • Lake data map – see data, including toxic algae, from state lakes where we do monitoring.
  • Public beaches (Coastal Atlas) – maps and information about public beaches in Washington state.
  • Shoreline aerial photos – current and historical photos of coastal, sound and inland shorelines.
  • Swimming beach closures (Coastal Atlas) – maps and information about beach closures in and around Puget Sound and Washington's ocean beaches.
  • Water Quality Atlas – maps and information about the state's lakes, rivers, streams, and estuaries.  
  • Well report viewer – information on the location, ownership, construction details, and lithology of completed wells.

Waste & Toxics

Cleanup & Spills

  • Contaminated sites – we have a couple of ways you can learn more about polluted properties we're cleaning up:
  • Dirt Alert map – shows the general pattern of arsenic contamination from the Asarco Tacoma Smelter. You can also view information about other areas of arsenic contamination statewide.
  • Spills map – an interactive map showing the estimated crude oil movement by rail in Washington.

Doing business with Ecology

  • Air Permit Search – find final Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) permits. 
  • EcoEPay – Ecology accepts online payments for some permits and fees. Use this tool to make a payment.
  • Facility/Site database – access information on facilities and sites of interest to Ecology.
  • Polluted waters - 303(d) Listing – listing of streams, lakes, and estuaries whose beneficial uses are impaired by pollutants.
  • Water quality permit databases – information on water quality permits for municipalities, industries, dairies, fish-rearing facilities, stormwater, sand and gravel operations, and aquatic pesticides.
  • Water rights search – records can be searched by:
    • location,
    • document/record number,
    • name of the person to whom the water right was issued, or
    • name of the claimant, if it is a water right claim.
  • TurboWaste online reporting – allows you to file certain Notifications of Dangerous Waste Activity and Dangerous Waste Annual Reports over the internet.

See more regulatory online tools – go to our Regulations & Permits collection and select "Online Tools" in the Category filter on the left.

See more scientific online tools — Go to our Research & Data collection and select "Online Tools" in the Category filter on the left.

The following apps are available for download to your mobile device:

  • Air Quality WA – air-monitoring network to accurately measure air pollution and meteorology conditions around the state
  • Pump out, don't dump out – See the Puget Sound No Discharge Zone boundary; find the closest pumpout, dump station, or restroom to any location.