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“Watershed” moment: successes in wetland restoration and regenerative farming in Douglas County
With grant funds from Ecology, the Foster Creek Conservation District is working on a new round of projects to restore the watershed, monitor water quality, and improve soil health near Foster Creek.
Washington’s water supply outlook
Because of a May heatwave, state watersheds lost almost half their snowpack in just 18 days. Now summer river forecasts in some watersheds predict low flows.
Join our June 21 webinar about toxic tire dust
Join our June 21 6PPD webinar. Learn more about 6PPD by watching our video presentations in advance.
Headed out on your boat? Pump out your sewage, don't let it float!
Planning some time on your boat as summer kicks off? Here’s the last of our water-related reminders: don’t empty your boat’s holding tank into Puget Sound or inland waters.
Headed to a lake or river today? Look out for blooming harmful algae!
Once again, it is time to keep an eye out for harmful algae (cyanobacteria) blooms in Washington lakes and rivers. As the weather heats up, these blooms can happen, especially in late summer and fall.
Reflecting on Hanford cleanup
This spring and summer 2023, we’re celebrating three of our long-time staff members who are retiring or moving on from Ecology’s Nuclear Waste Program.
Headed to the beach? Check for poop before you stick in your feet!
Check our safe swimming map for beach advisories and closures. Help us keep poop off the beach.
Cleaning up: Dawn Food Products site moves closer to cleanup
We’re signing a legal agreement with a new property owner to investigate and clean up the contamination at the Dawn Food Products site in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood, and we’d like your input.
Cleaning up: Two sites in Blaine Harbor move forward
We invite public comments on two cleanup sites in Blaine Harbor, May 22 - July 5.
Keep plastics out of compost
Composting is a great way to turn organic material into a valuable soil amendment. Don't ruin it with plastic bags, food packaging, and produce stickers.

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