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Dark got you down? Shine a little light with the lamp shells
It's that special time of year when feel like we dwell in darkness 24 hours a day. Let’s shed a little light on the gloom with this month’s critter group: the lamp shells.
$84,000 to 20 waste reduction projects
Through the Waste Not Washington program, we awarded more than $84,000 to 20 waste reduction projects.
You can help make products safer from toxics
Did you know there are thousands of chemicals in consumer products that scientists never tested for potential harms? The good news is our Safer Products for WA program is doing something about it.
Snowpack & Washington water supplies
Washington makes investments in water programs to address changes in snowpack and the impacts of climate change on water availability.
Pilot program to fund local water banks
A new grant program will provide money for local water banks.
Floodplains by Design grants available
Every year countless homes, structures, and businesses across Washington are inundated by floodwaters. We are now accepting applications for the 2023-2025 FbD grant program.
Washington’s roadmap to addressing PFAS
PFAS have been in the news a lot lately. These harmful chemicals are widely used in commercial and consumer products. Thankfully, Washington now has a roadmap to address the problem.
Restoring Ohop Creek
The Nisqually Land Trust has used $5.3 million in Ecology streamflow restoration grants to restore salmon habitat at Ohop Creek.
Understanding Washington’s climate policies
Short webinars will give the public an overview of Washington's climate policies.
It’s slime time! The slime tube worm lives in a house of horrors
Sliiiime. Just saying the word conjures up images of monsters from scary movies like The Blob, The Thing, and Ghostbusters. But to the slime tube worm, all this ooze looks like Home Sweet Home.

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