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Ecology grant brings big changes to Little Naches River
An Ecology Streamflow Restoration Grant is helping restore habitat and recreational opportunities to the Little Naches River.
Ecology celebrates Zero Emissions Day!
Today, Sept. 21, 2022, is the last day of summer. What better way to mark the occasion than to celebrate something else this date symbolizes — Zero Emissions Day! 
Unidos: Inclusivity for a Stronger Nation
We're embracing this year’s theme of Inclusivity for a Stronger Nation. During Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month, we're sharing our team's achievements and contributions to protect the environment.
Give your septic system the attention it deserves
It's SepticSmart Week! This week is an annual reminder to make sure your septic system is functioning properly and to take action to maintain and/or fix it.
Blue Heron Slough to provide critical habitat to salmon
The Blue Heron Slough project is restoring 353 acres of Snohomish River estuary habitat, which will benefit Chinook salmon and in turn, aid recovery of southern resident orcas in Puget Sound.
Sept. 28 webinar focuses on Skookumchuck Dam assessment
The Skookumchuck Dam is over 50 years old, and the power plant it was built to serve is shutting down. Join us for a discussion on the possible futures for the dam.
Not littering… Simple As That
Litter is a big problem with easy solutions. Small daily choices have a big impact. Live litter-free and help others do the same.
Join our Sept. 13 public forum about low-carbon energy siting study
We're hosting a public meeting Sept. 13 to discuss how we provide environmental review on siting of "green," low-carbon energy projects.
Meaningful Momentum: CCA Updates for August 2022
The January 2023 launch of the cap-and-invest program is just a few months away! Come find out what we've been up to as we gear up for this historic event.
Ecology considers putting outstanding waters in a class of their own
For the first time, Ecology is starting a rulemaking to consider putting four water bodies into a special category of protection, by designating them as "Outstanding Resource Waters."

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