Partnering with the Environmental Protection Agency

The Environmental Performance Partnership Agreement establishes and implements a joint work plan for administering federal grant dollars that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides to Ecology for air quality, water quality, and hazardous waste management.

The purpose of this agreement is to:

  • Recognize mutual environmental goals, strategies, activities, and performance measures.
  • Re-commit to maintain a core level of environmental protection for all of Washington’s residents in a manner that supports and advances environmental justice.
  • Use indicators that reflect environmental conditions, trends, and results to measure environmental progress.
  • Collaborate on opportunities to advance children’s health.
  • Re-commit to collaborate with tribal partners and other states.

Notable changes in the 2021-2023 Environmental Performance Partnership Agreement:

  • Updated language to reflect EPA priorities and Ecology strategic goals (chapter 1).
  • Added emphasis on environmental justice:
    • New mutual priority to address environmental and health inequities by incorporating environmental justice considerations into our work and decisions (chapter 6).
    • New language emphasizing a commitment to advance environmental justice in air quality, hazardous waste, and water quality environmental work (chapters 7, 8 and 9).
  • Addition of Columbia River Basin environmental work:
    • Revised mutual priority to: Protect and restore Puget Sound and the Columbia River Basin (chapter 6).
    • New section in the Water Quality Program chapter regarding the Columbia River Basin Restoration Program (chapter 9).
  • Moved children’s environmental health priority language from the Environmental Justice chapter (chapter 4) to the Mutual Priorities chapter (chapter 6).
  • New emphasis on groundwater inspections at corrective action sites (chapter 9).
  • Updated activities related to the Water Quality Standards and Water Quality Assessment to better reflect current priorities (chapter 9).