Rulemaking frequently asked questions

We write rules to implement and enforce various state and federal environmental laws and rules. Here is a list of common questions on the rulemaking process at Ecology. Click on each question below to expand to the answer.

Overview of rulemaking

What is rulemaking?
What is a WAC and what do the WAC numbers mean?
What is a RCW and what do the RCW numbers mean?
What is the statutory authority?
What are the typical phases in the rulemaking process?
Where can I get information about Ecology's proposed rulemakings?
What type of economic analyses are needed when doing rulemaking?

Public input & involvement

When can I comment on a proposed rule?
When is the formal comment period?
How do I submit formal comments that become part of the official record?
How can I make sure my comments are effective?
How will I know if and how Ecology responds to my comments?