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Reclaimed Water Technical Advisory Committee

We are in the early phase of creating a Reclaimed Water Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) for updating the Reclaimed Water Facilities Manual (Purple Book) and the relevant portions of the Criteria for Sewage Works Design (Orange Book). These updates are necessary to align these guidance documents with the newly adopted chapter 173-219 WAC — Reclaimed Water. 

Starting in late March, we expect to hold about three meetings to discuss and update the content of both the Purple and Orange books. Our goal is to have this guidance update complete by Sept. 1, 2018.

Share your input on additional details of this process

Please take our survey to help us design a stakeholder process to accomplish this important implementation guidance work as effectively and efficiently as possible. This survey will be open until Feb. 26, 2018. 

What are the Purple Book and Orange Books?

We are responsible for developing and publishing the Purple Book (Reclaimed Water Facilities Manual) and Orange Book (Criteria for Sewage Works Design) which are guidance documents for reclaimed water. 

Reclaimed water applicants, permittees, owners, design engineers, generators, distributors, and users of reclaimed water will use both to comply with chapter 173-219 Washington Administrative Code (WAC). 

Washington State Department of Health (Health), and numerous stakeholders assisted us in developing the draft Purple Book.

Developing the Purple Book

We published the draft Purple Book during the public comment period for the rulemaking to adopt chapter 173-219 WAC. We accepted comments on it to begin aligning it more closely with the newly adopted rule. We intend to release an updated draft prior to our first meeting of the Technical Advisory Committee to kick off the work of the committee. 

The Purple Book will remain online as a draft until we complete the update, we will then publish a final version once all updates are complete. The Purple Book will cover all aspects of reclaimed water distribution and use.

Updating the Orange Book

The relevant Orange Book sections (currently Chapter E1, Water Reclamation and Reuse) will cover the treatment of domestic wastewater specifically to generate Class A and Class B reclaimed water. Both we and Health believe that organizing guidance across the two documents will reduce redundancies and eliminate inconsistencies.