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12 million pounds
This summer, Ecology, the Washington State Department of Transportation and the Washington State Patrol are working together to get the word out about litter prevention.
Penacho de la Fundidora Tacoma: Nuevo Material de Ayuda en Español

Ecología lanzó un nuevo programa de ayuda en Español. El programa “Dirt Alert” tiene un sitio web con una lista de más Acciones Saludables.

Tacoma Smelter Plume: New Outreach in Spanish

Ecology launched new Spanish-language outreach in Federal Way last month.

Eyes Over Puget Sound: A look at 2016 in photos

Learn about how the global climate affects water quality, see the impacts warmer waters had on Puget Sound, and compare photos from flights throughout 2016.

Seeking farmers in Palouse watershed to help improve environment
Millions of dollars are available to Palouse-area farmers for making on-the-ground improvements that benefit soil, water and fish and wildlife habitat.
Money available for forest and farm land improvements in Spokane River watershed
Livestock producers, dry-land farmers, and forestry operations are encouraged to apply for financial and technical assistance to adopt conservation practices to protect and restore their property.
VIDEO: Finding solutions for the Chehalis basin

Ecology is currently taking comments on our environmental review of solutions proposed for the Chehalis Basin.

Affordable Clean Water Loans are a lifeline when your septic system fails
There are about a million privately-owned and operated septic systems across Washington and many are at risk of failing due to old age.
At Hanford, the alphabet soup is a real stew
As the newbie communication manager for Ecology's Nuclear Waste Program, I've been swimming upstream in an alphabet torrent.
Cleaning Up: Welcome to ‘the Neighborhood’ – Part 2

Last week, we shared the new What's In My Neighborhood mapping tool that allows users to search for polluted properties across Washington. We received a variety of responses via Facebook.

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