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Questions about Nooksack adjudication?
Ecology will host the first in a series of live online events to answer questions about adjudication.
Cleaning up: Two-thirds of Pasco Landfill hazardous drums dug up!
Cleanup contractors finished removing approximately two-thirds of the hazardous waste drums buried in Pasco Landfill’s Zone A.
Ecology focuses on salmon recovery, protecting state waters, and climate resilience in 2022 legislative session
Washington’s environment is worth protecting, preserving, and restoring. We’re hopeful for the potential to advance our environmental protection in the 2022 legislative session.
Ecology acquires federal grants to protect 237 acres of coastal wetlands
We've helped secure nearly $3.4 million in National Coastal Wetlands Conservation grants to protect 237 acres of coastal wetland habitat in Island, Jefferson, and Mason counties.
30 Years of Toxics Reduction and Pollution Prevention
As of 2021, Ecology's Hazardous Waste and Toxics Reduction Program has been working on pollution prevention for over 30 years.
Boots on the ground: Greater sagebrush habitat for greater sage-grouse
Hear first-hand from AmeriCorps member Finn Maunder about his experience restoring sagebrush habitat as part of a WCC field crew.
Competitive streamflow grants projects
Thurston County collaborated with residents to create an innovative project using our competitive streamflow grants
Working to reduce Washington flood risks
Across Washington, the costs of flooding exceed all other natural disasters. In any given year, there is a better than an 80% chance that 10 or more flood events will occur.
Frequently Asked Questions about our Water Banking Grants Pilot Program
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about our Water Banking Grants Pilot Program
New standard paves way for more clean vehicles
New rules taking effect in 2024 will make more electric vehicles available to Washington buyers.

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