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The trash-climate connection: what you need to know
We are taking steps to protect our climate by reducing methane emissions from landfills. But what is methane, and how is it connected to our trash and our climate?
Newest round of clean-water funding focuses on small communities
Our latest round of funding for clean water projects will provide more than $300 million to communities.
Pilot projects designed to curb bank erosion showing success in Chehalis River Basin
The Office of Chehalis Basin has invested in projects that have dual flood reduction and ecosystem benefits. We recently completed two riverbank erosion management pilot projects.
Ilwaco’s Bear Ridge Community Forest becomes a reality
With $500,000 from Ecology, and the support of other groups, Ilwaco's drinking water source is now protected for the future.
Saving Washington's salmon from toxic tire dust
After researchers pinpointed the toxic chemical that is killing coho salmon in freshwater, we got to work, alongside several partners, to protect coho salmon.
King tides showcase future sea level rise
Washington’s 56 cities and counties with marine shorelines are experiencing this winter’s final cycle of king tides. 
Plans for Nooksack adjudication are underway
Plans for water rights adjudication in the Nooksack Basin have raised a lot of questions. We have answers.
Helping state agencies control fish, invasive animals, and insects
We're currently working to issue the new Aquatic and Invasive Species Control general permit.
Are Washington's climate policies working?
A review of Washington's climate policies, what they are, and their status.
Expedited rulemaking to amend state SEPA rules
We are amending state SEPA rules to increase the exemption levels local governments can incorporate into their policies and procedures for apartments, small houses, and attached homes.

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