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Hold That Smoke: Why We Call Burn Bans

Residential burning is the main source of fine particle air pollution in Washington in winter. Ecology calls burn bans to help protect air quality and the public's health. 

National report reinforces importance of Washington’s climate resilience work

The National Climate Assessment is a comprehensive and sobering analysis of the current and future effects of climate change, including the impacts we’re already seeing here in the Northwest.  

Camano Island community takes the lead on septic solutions

The Maple Grove Community on Camano Island worked with Ecology and Craft3 to create a solution for their septic issues by the community, for the community. 

Stormwater research collaboration leads to cleaner water for all

Ecology has municipal stormwater permits for the state’s populated cities & counties. The permits are aimed at reducing stormwater pollution, so that cleaner stormwater is entering local waterways.

Local partners using $3 million to safeguard critical shoreline areas

We are providing $3 million to help our partners safegurard their local shorelines.

Washington aerospace business earns EPA Region 10 2023 Pollution Prevention Recognition Award

Innovative alternatives to toxic chemicals protect employees, budgets, and the environment.

Native plants take root along Hangman Creek

Hangman Creek sees largest riparian restoration effort in Spokane County’s history.

Cleaning up: Fieldwork continues on Bellingham’s working waterfront

The Central Waterfront site of the Bellingham Bay cleanup is on course for cleanup construction to begin in 2026. This month, we begin a round of fieldwork to fill out the details of the cleanup.

Ecology’s award-winning litter prevention campaign calls for public support

Ecology’s We Keep WA Litter Free campaign uses a social marketing framework to change behaviors that lead to litter. This approach resulted in several awards since the campaign’s launch in 2021.

Food processor saves production cost with Ecology pollution prevention grant

Ecology's toxics reduction experts are working with the J.M. Smucker Company to evaluate cleaning systems at one of Smucker’s leading fruit processing facilities in Grandview, Wash.