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Eyes Under Puget Sound: Critter of the Month — The Orange Sea Pen

The orange sea pen resembles a colorful autumn tree waving in the breeze of moving water currents.

Mercury in retrograde: Tracking down a toxic threat

Cleaning up mercury contamination and getting mercury out of the environment has been a priority at Ecology for decades

Turning on the pumps

Last week, the Bertrand Watershed Improvement District turned on pumps that will put more water into the creek during the late summer/early fall low-flow season.

Boots on the Ground: WCC responds to Hurricane Harvey

Hear from two Washington Conservation Corps (WCC) AmeriCorps members serving a 30-day deployment to Texas to assist communities after Hurricane Harvey hit in late August.

Eyes Over Puget Sound; Sunny, warm, and colorful

Late summer 2017 brings warm air temperatures and drier conditions throughout Puget Sound. Streamflows in the region's northern rivers are lower than rivers in South Puget Sound.

Acquavella adjudication winding down
While drought has plagued the state in recent years, its toll in the Yakima Valley has been a concern for many generations.
Puget Sound Nutrient Watch: A new blog series

This Puget Sound Nutrient Watch looks at the importance of excess nutrients and how they affect Puget Sound.

Eyes Under Puget Sound: Critter of the month — Common Sun Star
With its bright sun-like appearance, the common sun star is one of the more beautiful creatures in Puget Sound.
Protecting shorelines for public and environmental benefits

This week, Ecology formally revised the state procedural rules for managing marine and freshwater shorelines.

Tackling toxics leads to economic boon for Wenatchee
With the groundbreaking for a new four-story, 174-room hotel and conference center to be built along Wenatchee's waterfront area, the city is transforming blighted properties into economic assets.

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