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Ecology is responsible for keeping Washington waters clean and helping polluted waters recover.
Ecology is responsible for keeping Washington waters clean and helping polluted waters recover.

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111 Washington wastewater treatment plants win outstanding performance awards

We give awards to wastewater treatment plant operators to celebrate our unsung heroes.

If fish could talk — what Palouse River fish are telling us

Crews from Ecology and local Conservation Districts spent six weeks collecting fish from the Palouse River in Southeastern Washington.

Water quality standards update

We are proposing a change in how we test for bacteria. These tests are a more precise indicator of contaminants that can affect human health and the environment.

Puget Sound Nutrient Watch: Algal Blooms

Excess nutrients can cause an explosion of algae growth called algal blooms, we discuss more about these blooms. 

2019 funding awarded to support clean water in Washington’s communities

Ecology is offering more than $155 million in financial assistance for 69 high-priority clean water projects across Washington state.

Reflections on first Puget Sound Nutrient Forum

On April 25, key decision makers, scientists, and practitioners met at the first Puget Sound Nutrient Forum to form an advisory workgroup.

New permit for wineries helps protect water quality

We have worked together with the Washington's wineries to develop the first statewide water quality permit for wineries.

Puget Sound Nutrient Watch: What is the Problem with Nutrients?

Our third installment of Puget Sound Nutrient Watch focuses on Puget Sound's excessive nutrients.

Puget Sound officially a No Discharge Zone

Under the historic new rule, vessels are prohibited from releasing any sewage (blackwater), treated or untreated, within Puget Sound. This will help protect shellfish and people. 

Even tiny pollution makes a big problem for water quality

Looking for feedback on tools to address pollution in the Spokane River.