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Use caution if your local lake has a colorful coating
Reports of toxic blue-green algae blooms are beginning to surface east of the Cascades.
Wait, how can there be a drought when it’s raining?
Residents of Spokane and the southeast experienced a relatively damp spring, while much of Western and Central Washington have seen warmer than normal temperatures and low precipitation since April.
Pursuing clean water for the Spokane River

We are opening rulemaking to help address PCBs. 

Central and Eastern Washington: Prepare for dust storm season

Every spring through fall, residents in Central and Eastern Washington are faced with the threat of dust storms.

Seeking farmers in Palouse watershed to help improve environment
Millions of dollars are available to Palouse-area farmers for making on-the-ground improvements that benefit soil, water and fish and wildlife habitat.
Money available for forest and farm land improvements in Spokane River watershed
Livestock producers, dry-land farmers, and forestry operations are encouraged to apply for financial and technical assistance to adopt conservation practices to protect and restore their property.
Cleaning Up: Work along Centennial Trail and Spokane River

We're cleaning up the Holcim Inc site, near the Centennial trail and a boat launch. 

Clean water on agricultural lands: The facts about Ecology’s watershed evaluation program
An important part of our work is to find and control sources of pollution that don't come out of an industrial pipe.

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