Well report (log) viewer

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The Washington state well report (log) viewer, our most popular online resource, allows you to search for and view detailed records of the construction and subsurface characteristics of individual wells. Well reports also contain information about location, owner name, driller name, and the quantity of water a well produces.

Using the map search, you can search for a well by navigating a Washington state map. Using the text search you can search for a well using information you key in from a list. If at first you do not find the well log you are looking for, try another way to search for it. The system is designed to let you do many kinds of searches if you know some of the information. You can also search using only partial owner name or address information. Please see "Help" for examples of how to construct successful searches.

Well report data and images released by us are provided on an as-is basis without warranty of any kind.

A well report (or well log) is used to describe the location, ownership, construction details, and lithology for either a completed resource protection or water supply well. The report is completed and signed by the individual who constructs the well. All reports must be submitted to us within 30 days following the completion of the well.

The information provided on the "Text Search Results" and "Map Search Results" page(s) are captured from the original well report submitted by the well driller. The data and/or image(s) may not be accurate, complete, legible, or otherwise reliable. The accuracy of the well report information you see is dependent upon the knowledge, skill, and care taken by each well driller completing the well report. The vast majority of the well reports are historical documents.

Well report locations are only accurate to the nearest township, section, and range (TRS) using public land survey (PLS) maps.

Out of consideration for the well owner and for reasons relating to security, the well address is omitted from the MS Excel or ASCII export files. Please note that state law says that all private citizen names and addresses may not be used for any solicitation/commercial purpose.

More site information can be found using the site info tab in the viewer.