WAC 173-55: Accreditation of Cannabis Laboratories

We're developing a new chapter WAC 173-055 Accreditation of Cannabis Laboratories to create a cannabis laboratory accreditation program. This new rule will define the cannabis laboratory accreditation program’s standards, scope, and fee structure. Our goal is to set accreditation standards for cannabis laboratories to build a robust and sustainable accreditation system. The fee structure will be designed to fund a cost-neutral accreditation program.

In 2019, RCW 43.21A.736 and RCW 69.50.348 directed the transfer of accreditation authority for cannabis laboratories from the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) to Ecology on July 1, 2024. We are working with LCB on this rule to facilitate the transfer. The development and implementation of this new rule will establish Ecology’s authority on cannabis laboratory accreditation.

In preparation for creating the new program, the Legislature directed Ecology to convene a Cannabis Science Task Force. Led by Ecology, the Task Force was comprised of representatives from the departments of Agriculture (WSDA) and Health (DOH), Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB), and several cannabis laboratories. The Task Force and associated work groups investigated quality standards for cannabis testing and submitted two reports to the Legislature.

These reports, available at the Task Force link above, recommended laboratory quality standard and proficiency testing improvements, and encouraged the creation of an interagency cooperative team to guide the creation of the new accreditation program.

Rulemaking timeline

Announcement phase (CR-101)

Filing date:
June 21, 2023

Announcement documents

Rule development phase

June 21, 2023 – January or February 2024

Public input & involvement

Public workshops

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