Crude oil transmission pipeline report form

As required in WAC 173-185-080: "Owners and operators of a transmission pipeline that transports crude oil in or through the state must provide ecology biannual notice of all crude oil transported by the transmission pipeline in or through the state."


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Form #: ECY 070-562

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Reporting period

Crude oil information

Provide the following information for each state or province of origin of crude oil for the reporting period:

  • Type of crude oil:
    • Select sweet or sour designation.
    • Select API gravity range.
    • API gravity as measured by the weighted mean for each range.
  • Volume in crude oil barrels.

Type of crude oil

Sulfur content *

Calculating weighted mean for API gravity:
  1. For each batch or stream from this state/province of origin, sulfur content category, and API gravity range, multiply the volume by the API gravity.
  2. Sum the results of step 1.
  3. Sum the volume of each shipment.
  4. Divide the result of step 2 by the result of step 3.
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