Recycling transporters registration

Transporters of recyclable materials can find forms and information for registering with Ecology.

Who is required to register as a transporter of recyclable materials?

Anyone paid to transport recyclable materials from commercial or industrial sources over Washington's public highways is required to register with us as a transporter (RCW Chapter 70A.205.300).

Transporters do not include:

  • Carriers of recyclable materials that they own or are buying or selling, and carrying in their own vehicle, as long as this activity is only incidental to their primary business.
  • Entities or persons hauling their own recyclables, or recyclables they purchased, in their own vehicles.
  • Nonprofit or charitable organizations collecting and transporting recyclable materials from a buyback center, a drop box, or a commercial or industrial source of recyclable materials.
  • City municipal solid waste departments or city solid waste contractors.
  • Common carriers (RCW Chapter 81.80) whose primary business is not the transportation of recyclable materials.

No fees for transporters to register or for recycling facilities to notify of their operation

There are no fees for the registration program or the notification program.

Actions subject to penalties

  • Failure to register by a transporter of recyclables
  • Failure of a transporter to deliver recyclables to a recycling facility or MRF
  • Failure of a transporter to keep records of transport
  • Failure of a recycling facility or MRF to notify Ecology of their intention to operate 30 days before operation

Laws and rules

Transporters of recyclable materials are subject to the following laws and rules: