Regulations & Permits

We oversee many state and federal laws designed to protect Washington's land, air, and water. Rules and regulations that direct state agencies, local governments, businesses, and others on how to comply with relevant laws are compiled in the Washington Administrative Code. See our laws, rules, & rulemaking page for more information about our current rules and rulemaking.
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Spill prevention inspections for facilities
We inspect oil facilities to provide technical assistance and ensure rule compliance.
Overview of compliance & enforcement at Ecology
View the compliance and enforcement authority we have, and what actions we have recently taken.
Pre-booming, alternative measures, and equivalent compliance
Oil-transfer operations must include protective measures to contain potential spills.
Spill enforcement
Spills into water harm the environment, violate state law, and may result in a penalty.
TransAlta power plant agreement
The TransAlta agreement reduces harmful air pollutants from the state's only coal-fired power plant.
Underground storage tank closures
Important information about closing your underground storage tanks.
Inspecting ships for substantial risks
We inspect ships operating in state waters and take further action if they pose a substantial risk.
Water use compliance and enforcement
Enforcing water use laws reduces conflict among competing water users and protects the resource.
Columbia River water use compliance
Our watermaster seeks to ensure water is legally available when out-of-stream users and the environment need it.
Emerald Kalama
We regulate water, hazardous waste, and cleanup activities at the Emerald Kalama Chemical plant.
T-Plant Settlement Agreement
Settlement between Ecology and CHPRC regarding T-Plant penalty
Tank Waste Amended Order
Amended Order in Tank Waste Consent Decree case
Tank Waste Final Order
This Order concerns the mutual agreements between the United States Department of Energy, Washington State, and Oregon State regarding the safe removal of radioactive waste from the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in a reasonable and expeditious manner.
Oregon Tank Waste Consent Decree
Amended Consent Decree Between Dept. of Energy and State of Oregon
Washington Tank Waste Consent Decree
Amended Consent Decree Between Dept. of Energy and State of Washington.
Order discharging technical advisors
The Court has completed its work with the technical advisors and will be issuing Amended Consent Decrees concurrent with this Order.
Order denying removal of technical advisor
The Court denies DOE's motion to remove a Technical Advisor from the case.
Tank Waste Consent Decree
Final, entered Consent Decree for Tank Waste cleanup at Hanford.
Central Waste Complex Order - Exhibit A
Required Actions Under Chapter 173-303 WAC.
Central Waste Complex Order - Exhibit B
Dangerous Waste Management Units.
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