Regulations & Permits

We oversee many state and federal laws designed to protect Washington's land, air, and water. Rules and regulations that direct state agencies, local governments, businesses, and others on how to comply with relevant laws are compiled in the Washington Administrative Code. See our laws, rules, & rulemaking page for more information about our current rules and rulemaking.
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Our air quality implementation plan
The State Implementation Plan is an overarching plan to keep air clean.
Spill response plans for Class 2 mobile facilities
We require Class 2 mobile oil-handling facilities in Washington to have a spill response plan.
Contingency planning for oil industry
Oil-handling operations must have contingency plans describing how they would respond to oil spills.
Geographic Response Plans (GRPs)
GRPs, a Northwest Area Contingency Plan tool, guide early, localized actions when oil spills happen.
Operations manual requirements
Operations manuals help prevent spills during the transfer, storage, and handling of oil.
Safe and effective threshold determination reports
Safe and effective reports establish conditions for protecting open water with oil containment boom.
Oil spill prevention plans for facilities
Oil spill prevention plans reduce the risk of oil spills at large refineries and marine terminals.
State Solid and Hazardous Waste Plan
Washington state’s management plan for solid waste and toxic materials.
Technical manuals
Requirements for technical manuals for vessels with contingency plans.
About the state waste plan
Learn what went into updating the State Solid and Hazardous Waste Plan.
Attainment State Implementation Plans
Learn about Washington's plans to ensure communities meet National Ambient Air Quality Standards.
Transportation implementation plans
Find out how we make sure transportation investments are consistent with air quality goals.
Cleanup at hazardous waste facilities
This indicator tracks the progress toward completing corrective actions at dangerous facilities.
Construction & demolition debris
This indicator tracks the amount of construction and demolition debris recycled annually.
Ecosystem toxicity index
This indicator tracks purchases and measures the ecosystem toxicity tied to product life cycles.
Electronics recycling
This indicator tracks the amount of electronic products being recycled annually in Washington.
Hazardous waste generation
This indicator tracks the amount of hazardous waste generated by facilities in Washington.
Hazardous waste per GDP
This indicator compares the amount of hazardous waste generated to the manufacturing sector GDP.
Mercury in biosolids
This indicator tracks the amount of mercury detected in biosolids.
Organic materials generation
This indicator tracks progress on diverting organic materials from the landfill.
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