Regulations & Permits

We oversee many state and federal laws designed to protect Washington's land, air, and water. Rules and regulations that direct state agencies, local governments, businesses, and others on how to comply with relevant laws are compiled in the Washington Administrative Code. See our laws, rules, & rulemaking page for more information about our current rules and rulemaking.
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Dam construction & modification guidance
We provide guidance and technical notes for dam construction and modification.
Dam operation & maintenance guidance
We provide guidance to assist dam owners with operations and maintenance.
Metering technical information
Find out about meter types, technical requirements, vendors, and installers.
Municipal water law
We help regulate municipal water suppliers to ensure a safe and reliable drinking water supply.
Certified water right examiner certification
We share information to help you gain or maintain your certified water right examiner certification.
Dam permits
Construction or reservoir permits may be required for your project.
Water metering reporting
You can report your water meter use data using our online reporting system.
Well construction reporting & well report gateway
Resource protection well reports can be submitted online.
Water use compliance and enforcement
Enforcing water use laws reduces conflict among competing water users and protects the resource.
Well construction notice of intent
Before you drill a well, you must submit a notice of intent to us 72 hours before drilling starts.
Well construction & licensing system
Search for notices of intent, licensed drillers, or drilling companies.
Well report (log) viewer
Search for wells and view availabile well reports (logs).
Columbia River water use compliance
Our watermaster seeks to ensure water is legally available when out-of-stream users and the environment need it.
Well Construction
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Water Right & Water Right Change Reports of Examination (ROE)
View draft and final Reports of Examination (ROE). Sign up for RSS notification ROE changes.
Water use reporting
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Operator Certification
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Well Construction and Licensing System
Search Ecology well records including: Notice of Intent to Construct or Decommission a well and state licensed well operators and drilling companies.
Ecology's Well Report Gateway
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