Eyes over Puget Sound

Around once a month, we take to the air and travel by boat to obtain high-resolution aerial photo observations and gather water data at our monitoring stations and state ferry transects. This provides us a visual picture of the health of Puget Sound, which we call Eyes Over Puget Sound or EOPS.

Eyes Over Puget Sound empowers you to:

  • See what is currently happening in Puget Sound.
  • See how weather and climate are shaping Puget Sound water quality.
  • Use Eyes Over Puget Sound as free educational material for your own endeavors.

Download a copy of the latest Eyes Over Puget Sound.

Surface conditions on our latest flight

We are in a weakening La Niña, coastal downwelling has lessened, and we are getting out of a cold and wet stretch. Hurray! 

In March, rivers have almost returned to normal and carry clear water. It’s a good time to go diving if you don’t mind cold.

The productive season has only started in some places, and patches of jellyfish are visible. Have a look at this edition, and marvel about the secrets of the dead, mysterious sediment clouds, and the oil sheen spotted near Lummi Bay. 

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