Scientific descriptions of species: benthic invertebrates in Puget Sound

We identify invertebrates inhabiting Puget Sound sediments. Our taxonomists document each genus and species, and collaborate regionally with other scientists to ensure standardized taxonomy (scientific classification). Studying these animals and their communities allows us to observe marine habitat changes over time.

Scientific descriptions of species

Our taxonomists identify each animal collected to the lowest possible phylogenetic classification, usually the genus and species level. Our staff partner with regional taxonomists to conduct workshops and create “voucher sheets.” These provide scientific classification and descriptions compiled from the scientific literature for each of more than 1,800 taxa.

These voucher sheets and Ecology’s Taxonomic Guides to Benthic Invertebrates of Puget Sound are available for download.

Eyes under Puget Sound and "Critter of the Month"

Each month we choose a Puget Sound sediment dwelling species as our “critter of the month” to showcase. Blog entries about each month's critter include information on life history, identifying characteristics, and photos.

Slide shows of invertebrates by phylum

Miscellaneous taxa